Children they learn their education Thro’ Montessori method of education with reading and writing skill.The teachers are young energetic, experienced and qualified. They interact to the children as mother and also friends. They received their basic children skills and gratify their studies. Here we fulfill the parents thought.
Age limit : L.K.G - 3 - 3 ½ years and U.K.G - 4 - 4 ½ years

Abacus Classes
There is 8 Levels in abacus classes.
  • Basic and simple additions and subtractions
  • Addition and subtraction can be implemented with formula and some logical games like puzzles, problem solving activities
  • In 3rd level, enhanced level of second and in which the digits are increased
  • In 4th level multiplication and division are conducted
  • In further levels we increase the problem solving programme in enhanced by doing long addition, subtraction, multiplications and division in a logical way

  • We started the abacus classes from 4th standard. There 1st and 2nd level has completed in a year. For 5th standard students, they have 4 levels of abacus classes which will be completed within two years.

    Vedic Maths
    Its for 6th and 7th STD. Students for increase their speed capability of doing mind power calculation in mathematics and it will improve student's concentration by the way of daily practices.
    Methods In Vedic Mathematics
    In first and second level, the basic and simple addition (dot method) and subtraction (Nihilam Sutra). In third and fourth level, the basic multiplications and divisions, squares, cubes, problems are solved by using some rules and formulas.

    Smart Class
    Smart class systems are installed in all the classrooms, where the teacher explains the concepts using computer systems. The entire classrooms starting from LKG to std. X is fully converted into Smart Classes. The education contents have been developed as movies and the animated movie contents have been mapped with the syllabus of the students so that students are able to understand the syllabus better than teaching by using chalk and the board alone. Normally, teachers use Visual Aids like charts, flash cards for explaining concepts to the students. But now, they said concept is explained to the students in the form of a video. The software contents are available for all subjects and the licensed contents are provided. The teachers are trained to handle the software and in-house software engineers are also available within the school campus for assisting the teachers in content searching and developments.

    In Subramania Bharathi English School the most obvious assumption to make is that good pronouncing reading practice, excellent handwriting, fluency in Tamil, English and Hindi languages. Then current G.K and Computer knowledge raise their abilities. They grasp and ready for secondary education.

    The Subramania Bharathi Higher Secondary School, Which are run and maintained on very efficient lines. In secondary education everyone talk fluency in English with grammatically and good pronunciation from VI std to VIII Std we introduce French language also. So the pupil learn four languages in their middle school level itself.