Vision and Mission

Real-world, Connected, Meaningful, Engaging, Global, Integrated/Interdisciplinary, Project-based

Challenging, Comprehensive, Standards-based, Open-ended, Creative, Critical thinking

Collaborative, Compassionate, Sensitive, Culturally Inclusive, Personal, Respectful, Trusting, Emotional Intelligence, Self-management

  • Education consists in showing persons how "to be more' and not only to 'have more'. They should become better not only for themselves, but also with and for others".
  • An Education of quality and relevance to all and in particular to the marginalized sections of society.
  • An Education that instills in them the values of transparency and accountability.
  • An Education which encourages leadership and spirit of service and hard work, which provides career guidance, implications of media, education to life, inspiring them to contribute their mite for nation building.
  • An Education which forms the young to become men and women of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment, promoting gender equality, collaboration and partnership rather than competition, fostering uprightness in public life, in a shockingly corrupt society.
  • An Education which nurtures encounter with God as a personal event and a free response to the call to faith and which nurtures a life of meaning, purpose and personalized values, including appreciation of other faiths.
  • An Education which develops a scientific temper, humanness and the spirit of enquiry.

  • Mission
    Our mission is to inspire students to be Responsible, Resilient, and Personally successful in the rapidly changing 21st Century, and to be a Student-Centered model for educational innovation.

    Increase academic achievement for all students
  • Increase overall achievement for all students while moving significantly toward eliminating the achievement gap of racial and ethnic groups and students from low income families.

  • Significantly increase the graduation rate
  • Increase the percentage of students graduating ready for post-secondary education and work.

  • Employ the best teachers
  • Hire, develop, Support and Retain the best teachers in the Nation.

  • Establish a safe and respectful school
  • Establish a safe school environment where students and teachers are respected and valued.

  • Provide family and community support
  • Establish strong family and community support with effective communications with all internal and external stakeholders.

  • Deliver high quality support for all students and teachers
  • Continually enhance school performance through delivery of high quality school management, operational support, and customer service.

  • Developing personality of the child through mental and physical activities.
  • Inculcating interests in the recent advances in the fields of science and technology through Seminars, fairs, group discussions etc,
  • Developing in the Students the Leal for Social service by conducting rallies, campaigns etc.
  • Training up the children to respect the elders.
  • Making them to realize the importance of national Integration.
  • Imbibing good communication skills to get good identify.
  • Habituating punctuality and regularity to eradicate slothfulness.
  • Cultivating Environmental awareness